We create meaningful products that we hope you will love for years. We are proud to work with talented artisans across India to bring you beautifully crafted, ethically sourced home textiles and accessories. We want to celebrate the stories behind our styles by introducing you to the people who created them. Many of our artisans have grown up surrounded by the same crafts they now proudly practise, and we feel a collective responsibility to ensure these skills stay alive for generations to come.

Spending time with our craftsmen and women is a privilege we do not take for granted. We find our partnerships inspiring and hope we can give back to them as much as we receive.
We are particularly passionate about partnering with small co-operatives and projects. By choosing to source products this way, we can directly make a difference to the artisans and their communities.

  • Artisan block printing a floral design onto white fabric.

    The Block Printers of Jaipur

    Our partners in Jaipur are some of the best block printers around. They played a key role in preserving this art form in the area during a time when, due to environmental issues, the government had threatened to evacuate an entire industry and its printing community

  • Group of Indian women wearing colourful saris and carrying bright powder dyes in metal plates for the Holi festival.

    The Women of Anoothi

    We feel privileged to partner with Anoothi, a female-led social enterprise. They provide training and support to over 500 women from marginalised and oppressed communities. They also work alongside their partner institution, Vatsalya, an NGO established for rehabilitation of street children in Jaipur.

  • Two women hand stitching rag dolls clothes.

    The Women of Silaiwali

    Through their motto: “A stitch against waste | A stitch for freedom”, Silaiwali’s handmade doll collections draw attention to the issue of textile waste and the livelihoods of displaced women.

  • Men at handmade paper factory dipping a tray into a sink with water and water pulp mix.

    Shravan's Paper Workshop

    All our swing tags are hand-printed in a tiny workshop onto recycled paper made from off-cuts from the textile industry. Tree free and beautifully tactile.
    The art of papermaking has co-existed with block printing in Jaipur for hundreds of years.

  • artisan wearing a bright yellow sari and weaving a rug on a vertical loom.

    The Weavers of Banshko

    Our scalloped mats are made in a family-owned workshop in the countryside about an hour away from Jaipur. The art of rug and dhurrie weaving is taught by one generation to the next and is still an important livelihood and source of identity in many rural areas of Rajasthan.